Kaptify specializes in Public Mural Installations with expertise in sustainable maintenance and conservation. We have the capability and capacity to work collaboratively together with Local Businesses and Local and State Government who are responsible for managing Public Murals. Our maintenance and conservation services includes:

  • Conservation maintenance and repair of damaged Public Murals.
  • Cleaning maintenance of graffiti tagging.
  • Graffiti Diversion Artist In Residency Program.

Vandalized Public Mural.

Mural created by Artist Lucy Bonnin in Frankston.

Mural Repair Finish by Kaptify Art - Bunurong Art Consultancy

Mural Repair by Kaptify Art.

Kaptify is a Bunurong Arts Consultancy.

Bunurong Cultural Ecology Series.

Bunurong Cultural Ecology Series.

Bunurong Artist - Adam Magennis.