Kaptify – A Bunurong Visual Art Consultancy

‘The Foundations of Kaptify were established during the 1988/1989 circa in Bayswater North Melbourne Australia. Some 30 years later, Kaptify is now a well established visual arts consultancy. The Kaptify Studio is located in Shoreham on the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne Australia.

Kaptify Art Services:

  • Public Art Installations – Small to Large scale Murals.
  • Bunurong Cultural Design – Open Space Landscape Design, Architectural Design,
  • Variety of Multi Media Visual Arts Services.

Kaptify Art – Bunurong Art Consultancy

Message from Kaptify Director:

‘The Kaptify approach collaborates together to create an On Country journey and experience that informs the actions and goals we set out to achieve with the people, organisations, schools, businesses and companies we work with’.