Kaptify art services

‘Kaptify is a Bunurong First Peoples Business. The Foundations of Kaptify were established in 1992. Three decades later, Kaptify has developed into a First Peoples community business incubator. We collaborate with other First Peoples businesses supporting a growing Community Business network of community operators in Victoria. Kaptify also has formal Trademark which allows Kaptify to prosper and grow within Australia.

As an evolving and adaptable First Peoples community business, we are currently embarking on a Multi-Media Post COVID Face Lift!

We have grown to include ‘New Cultural Business Services’  for organisations, the private business sector and public sector.

Kaptify professional services include:

  • Kaptify Artist In Residency Program.
  • Bunurong Welcome To Country and Smoking Ceremony.
  • Public Art Installations.
  • Bunurong Cultural Education Workshops.
  • Indigenous Landscape Design.
  • Cultural Immersion Camps.
  • Cultural Team Development.
  • First Peoples Policy Advice for the Victorian business sector and community organisations.
  • Bunurong Art Sales.

Message from Kaptify Director:

‘Our Kaptify team is looking forward to working with our established partners on country, and a Big Welcome! to all of our new connections who have made contact over recent times. Kaptify loves working out on country together, so thank you to All!’ Adam Magennis (Director of Kaptify).